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Honoring the Ultimate Creator

The Arts are a cornerstone of the FCA educational experience. Our programs point budding artists and performers to God’s fingerprints — His glory, beauty, creativity, and inclusivity through the creation of art, music, and the telling of stories. 

Decades of research have shown that students who are regularly exposed to the arts perform better in areas of creative problem-solving, critical-thinking, executive functioning, emotional regulation, and overall health. This belief is truly shared by our entire administration, faculty, and even the athletic department. We all work together when scheduling practices and events, to allow and even encourage students’ participation in multiple discipline areas. 

This is why here at FCA our middle school students have an Arts class every day of the week and there are a variety of classes for high school school students.

Learn more about these classes in our lower and upper schools below: 

         LOWER SCHOOL                                   UPPER SCHOOL

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