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Our Campus

In 2013, when construction began on FCA’s new campus, we had our unique vision in mind. The leadership wanted the design and function of the facility to directly reflect how we wanted students to learn. We believe that education should not be so institutionalized — this is not a factory and we are not making widgets. Every child is unique and different and special. This is also not a prison- school should be a place students love and can’t wait to be each day. Moreover, because so many students view FCA as a family- and we value this- we want school to feel like home.  In light of these desires, our campus facilities have several key features such as:


Emphasis toward Nature and God’s Creation

Our classrooms feature beautiful, modern roll-up doors to let the indoors out and the outdoors in. We have many windows (fresh air and sunlight help the brain to function best!). We have picnic tables all around campus to encourage eating lunch outdoors. We are nestled on a beautiful piece of property with rolling hills and farmland. We have vegetable gardens on campus that were built and are tended by our students and faculty.


 A Warm & Home-like Atmosphere

Our floors are made of beautiful reclaimed barn-wood planks. Our bathrooms are clean, modern and beautifully designed. We have filled our walls with scripture and also photography of our students and events throughout the year to bring truth, joy, and special memories as they walk our halls daily.


High Ceilings, Use of Glass, and Open Cubbies

These features speak to FCA’s desire for openness and transparency. We are a place that values “keeping things real” and being open, vulnerable, honest, and authentic in how we approach life, community, and faith. The design of our facility speaks to this. The open cubbies (as opposed to closed lockers) allow us the opportunity to keep students more safe, but also to teach trust, personal responsibility for our own belongings, the belongings of others, and organization.

In 2022, we completed Phase 2 of our campus. Our new 30,000 square foot building was also built keeping all the same details and features in mind. 


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