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Head of School

Mr. Hugh Harris grew up in Waco, TX and Gainesville, FL and received his degree in 1978 from Baylor University in Accounting and worked as an accountant in the insurance industry as a Treasure/Vice President of Finance. Hugh and his wife Lisa adopted two children.


Mr. Harris began his own consulting firm, Harris Systems Design in 1985, and began advising and consulting insurance companies in the area of accounting and computer systems for the next eight years. He moved his family into an inner-city Christian ministry to the poor with two of his friends from college days, starting a school, church, and youth ministries. Mission exposure trips to Mexico, Haiti, India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan radically changed his worldview perspective.


In 1990, a friend offered a position in his new company, The Idea Agency, to help develop life-affirming film, video, and music projects. In 1991, the Harris’ made a difficult but confident decision to move to Tennessee to help with the new company. After nine years, and a fulfilling venture in the film and marketing industry, Mr. Harris joined his wife vocationally and took the position as the principal of a small local Christian school in Franklin. Based on years of youth volunteer and business administration experience, Mr. Harris sensed the compilation of many skill sets to move into the education industry.


In 2004, Mr. and Mrs. Harris, along with 20 families, began Franklin Christian Academy, and he serves as the Headmaster of the school and President of the Board of Trustees. He is the former President of the Middle Tennessee Athletic Conference and sat on the Board of the National Christian Sports Conference. Mr. Harris received a Masters of Education in Administration degree and is committed to seeing students grow in the grace of Christ through knowledge, understanding, and wisdom.

Board Members

FCA is governed by a self-perpetuating board filled primarily by current or past parents and interested community leaders. Stable and committed leadership provides FCA with the ability to continue its vision and mission. This leadership over the years has allowed our school to avoid the common problem of “mission drift”. With regular meetings of active board members and periodic board training, FCA is on solid ground for the long term.

Brad Weeks - Chairman

Hugh Harris - Head of School/President

Sheri Dudley

Brad Farrow

Dave Sagraves

Tammy Schindel

Jeff Sheets

Matt Powell

Sam Donnelly

Rob Jones

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