Making students into life-long disciples of Jesus is a key pillar of FCA’s vision. We have an intentional, comprehensive approach to discipleship inside and outside the classroom. We introduce our students to a real relationship with Jesus Christ, not just a religion or a set of rules. In our Bible classes, the goal is “inquiry over indoctrination.” We want students to think and wrestle with the hard questions of scripture, yet always at the end of the day feel drawn in by the love and core message of the gospel. We are not affiliated with any one denomination, but are a diverse, interdenominational school. This means students  will feel free to express and encounter faith in a variety of ways. Outside the classroom, our faculty and upperclassmen leaders strive to disciple and mentor the hearts of students. Prayer groups, Bible studies, or just casual conversations about life and faith over lunch are very much a part of our school culture. We also offer the following programs as part of our discipleship model:


Every Wednesday morning we meet for a chapel service with the whole school. We have a student worship band and a variety of speakers from around our city. We sometimes have other spiritual experiences such as prayer days, testimony days, small group study days, special holiday services, etc. as part of our chapel program throughout the year.


Every middle school student at FCA is paired with a hand-selected and trained high school mentor. They meet twice a month to check in on how that student is doing socially and spiritually. The mentors offer guidance, support, and prayer for their mentees.


Every grade level has advisory group once a week, which functions much like homeroom. Along with the other academic and social information given out during that time, students also share prayer requests and pray for one another, following up on those requests each week.


“It’s not about you” is a common mantra at FCA. We want our students to recognize the value of selflessness; to look beyond their own experiences and comfort zones and to see the needs of a broken and hurting world around them. We want to raise up world-changers. Students meet a small required number of service hours each year, and also have the opportunity to serve a local organization for a day each semester on a field trip with their classmates. 


FCA has a long-standing partnership with Jireh School and Orphanage in Masaka, Uganda. We send students and faculty every couple of years to serve and minister there. We formed a new relationship in 2015 with a mission in Lima, Peru and sent students to serve there. These are invaluable experiences that shape a student’s faith, worldview, and future. 

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