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The Arts are a cornerstone of the FCA educational experience. Our programs point budding artists and performers to God’s fingerprints — His glory, beauty, creativity, and inclusivity through the creation of art, music, and the telling of stories. 

Decades of research have shown that students who are regularly exposed to the arts perform better in areas of creative problem-solving, critical-thinking, executive functioning, emotional regulation, and overall health. This belief is truly shared by our entire administration, faculty, and even the athletic department. We all work together when scheduling practices and events, to allow and even encourage students’ participation in multiple discipline areas. 

Visual arts students experience expert training and a safe, loving creative space to hone their skills led by Tammy McDonald. She and her frequent guest artists teach so many artistic methods & disciplines including:

  • Art history

  • Sketch

  • Painting technique

  • Sculpting across mediums 

  • 3D printing

  • Digital animation, and more


Our alumni have received scholarships to attend elite programs in Animation, Digital Art, Industrial Design, Visual Arts Studio, and more at universities such as: University of Southern California School of Animation, Full Sail University, Colorado College of the Arts, Auburn University, and more.

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