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Lower School Arts at FCA

Lower School: Daily Foundation in Arts Education


In grades 5 & 6, FCA students have an Arts class every day of the week. They rotate between visual and performing arts courses throughout the year. This helps our youngest students to learn the foundations of all types of arts expression. 

  • Visual arts: Students use a variety of art mediums including painting, sculpture, sketching, and animation. Students often showcase their work around the school. 

  • Performing Arts: Students explore music theory, singing, acting, public speaking, and even dance, and become more confident sharing and performing in front of others. They have an opportunity to share their skills by performing in our annual Coffeehouse Talent Show as a class, or even audition individually, and may also join in the FCA Choir/Vocal group. 


In grades 7 & 8, FCA students are given a choice to continue exploring the Arts and take those skills to the next level. We begin to truly prepare these middle schoolers for the next stage of their arts career at FCA or even beyond. Students may choose from several electives including visual arts and performing arts. 


  • Visual arts: Students get to work with new mediums, learn higher level skill sets, and spend more focused time on the thing they love to do. Again, students often get to showcase their work, and even get the chance to help with some artistic design projects for the set of the middle school musical. 

  • Performing Arts: Students work on improv, scene reading, vocal technique, acting technique, dance, and more. They prepare a class number for the Coffeehouse Talent Showcase (and can of course audition for a solo performance if desired), and may also join the FCA Choir/Vocal group. Finally, this class also works hard auditioning for roles, rehearsing, and performing a full scale musical in late spring. Most recently, they performed “The Lion Jr.” with an amazing cast and crew! 


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