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Final Exam Schedule 2024


Students are not to be at school if they do not have an exam scheduled.

School dress code is in effect.


Monday, May 20th- Review Day

No classes. Students do not come to school unless they have scheduled a time to meet with a particular teacher or are attending a scheduled study session. All Fine Arts and PE do not have exams.


Tuesday, May 21

8:15am - 10:00am: All 1st period exams

10:15am - 1200pm: All 3rd period exams

Wednesday, May 22

8:15am - 10:00am: All 2nd period exams AND 5th Grade STEM (Wandrey)

10:15am - 12:00pm All 4th period exams AND 7th period 6th Grade Bible (Warbington) and

7th period 6th Grade English (J Smith)


Thursday, May 23

8:15am - 10:00am All 5th period exams AND 7th period 7th grade Math (Dawson) and

7th period 7th grade STEM

10:15am - 12:00pm: All 6th period exams AND 7th period Geography (Noe)


Friday, May 24th

Make Up Exam Day

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