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Midterm Exam Schedule 2022


Monday, Dec 12th - Review Day

No classes. Students do not come to school unless they have scheduled a time to meet with a particular teacher or are attending a scheduled study session.


All Fine Arts and PE do not have exams.


Tuesday, Dec 13th


8:15-10am:  All 1st period exams

10:15-12pm: All 3rd period exams.  


Wednesday, Dec 14th

8:15-10am: All 2nd period exams + all 7th period exams for 7th and 8th grade exams and 7th period for 5th grade
10:15-12pm: All 4th period exams


Thursday, Dec 15th

8:15-10am: All 5th period exams and 7th period English for 6th grade, 7th period 6th grade STEM will have an exam here.

10:15-12pm: All 6th period exams


Friday, Dec 16th

Make Up Exam Day

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