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Distance Learning

The Covid-19 Pandemic may have shut down our physical campus, but our full vision of Challenging Academics, Life-Giving Community, and Transforming Discipleship is not canceled. Below you will find a summary of the ways FCA continues to love and educate our students from home. 


You can also visit Franklin Christian Academy on Facebook and view #falconsfromhome on Instagram to see what our Falcon Families have been up to while Distance Learning! 

Academics at a Distance


Because we are a college-preparatory institution that values academic excellence, we are still meeting regularly in virtual classes with our students to challenge their minds, meet content standards, and finish the year strong. We also want our students to continue to have consistent contact with the faculty they have come to know, love, and learn from. We use Google Classroom and video conferencing platforms to give lectures, receive projects, hold office hours, engage in class discussions, and more.  For more specifics as to how we do that, see the FAQ’s below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Will class be every day?

No, but your students will have enough assignments and activities to keep them busy throughout the week. They should check Google Classroom daily! The teacher will be LIVE on Mondays during regular class times and will communicate that to students. We would like students to attend any live sessions possible, but it is not required from us as a school (feel free to require it as parents). Teachers will also be available to answer questions and interact as much as possible throughout the week.


How involved should I be as a parent?

We know you as parents have been busy, and this change can be overwhelming. Right now, just focus on getting your child set up on Gmail. Teach them how to email their teachers to ask questions, and we will handle the rest by responding to their questions. 


Will my child need their own laptop or computer?

Google Classroom has a great app for iPhone, iPad, and Android products. Your students can use those devices. If your student doesn't have a device, we recommend setting a schedule at home where they can use your computer. If you would like to purchase a device for your student, respond to this email, and Paul Ellsworth will offer you some recommendations.


I keep hearing about Zoom. What is that?

Zoom is a video platform that many teachers will use to have live classes. Teachers may also use Google Hangouts or Google Hangouts Meet. Your student can use their FCA emails to sign in to all these video platforms. Check it out at


How much work will my student have?

We will give students enough work for them to learn the material they need to keep progressing in their academics. The workload will depend on the class and you can communicate with teachers to ask. Since this is new for all of us, feel free to give the teachers feedback. 


What about D-Groups, Sports, and Co-Curricular Activities?

We have some amazing opportunities for connection coming soon. See Melanie's Sutton's video explaining this.


Are all classes set up the same?

All classes are on Google Classroom, but each teacher is bringing their own personality to the class. You can expect different assignments and instructional deliveries based on their personalities. To avoid confusion, encourage your students to email their teachers.


Will attendance be taken?

No. Many families do not have the devices or bandwidth to accommodate all their students and parents working from home. Attendance will not be taken. However, your students will still be required to complete the assignments according to the due dates.


Do these grades count?

Yes. These assignments may be delivered in a different format than normal, but these grades still count and will be entered into RenWeb. They are forth quarter grades that will affect your students' final grade and GPA.


How will my students learn this technology?

Profe (Paul Ellsworth) will be sending out video tips on how to best use Google Classroom. Make sure your student looks for emails from Profe.


During this time, please give us feedback on your needs as parents. We may be social distancing, but we are still together with you.

FCA Administration

Community at a Distance


Life-giving community is a hallmark of FCA, and it’s the thing we are all missing most in this era of quarantine and social-distancing. Our Student Life and counseling team still checks in on our students personally to care for students and guide them through this difficult season. We are also working to give students enrichment opportunities and points of connection throughout the week. The “FCA Online Events Calendar” is full of video-conferencing links to activities such as:


—Book and Film Clubs

—Daily workouts and athletic team skill drills

—Art Club

—Cooking and Knitting Sessions

—Student Servant Leader Council meetings

—Grade Level Lunches



Discipleship at a Distance


FCA continues to nurture and challenge our students to be more like Jesus in several ways:


— We still meet each week in our chapel D-groups to pray, catch up, and study the Word. 


— From medical professionals and first responders to residents at our neighboring assisted living facility, FCA students are actively sending letters and words of encouragement to those most affected by COVID-19 in our community. 


— Every morning our staff and Student Servant Leaders send out daily devotional videos to our families. You can watch those here.

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